1. Thank you, Mandy! All praises to the Triune GOD!☝️ True, this verse alludes to JESUS CHRIST. How is the house designer? 🙂Me, what an experience in blogsphere last Sunday, my lesson in life indeed.

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      1. The housing design is going. If I had to choose between installing and removing flooring or being a painter, I would choose the floor every time! Life is full of lessons, I am SO glad to be on this journey with you! Love and blessings!

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        1. Mandy, cool, those were the shows we watched on HGTV Channel. That is the harder one between the two; but painting is relaxing. Yeah, you said it about blog life; so stunned that someone could write that false accusations alluding to me in her blog (exactly a week ago) and it all started because I encouraged her, having a godly mindset to be the salt and light, and not on anger. I learned my lesson. Thank you very much for all the prayers. GOD bless you, Nathan, and your mom!


    1. Exactly, Ed! To think about it, the Triune GOD is also the source of the offering! That is what happened to Cain. GOD wants the humans to prioritize Him and not idols; humans can’t. In the end, GOD is the ultimate and acceptable sacrifice. Thus, we are living on His grace.


    1. I agree with you, Jim! This verse alludes to JESUS, the unblemished/sinless sacrifice, who atoned for all our sins, once and for all. The Triune GOD is omnipresent indeed among His other attributes; seeing/being present in the time of CHRIST’s ministry & crucifixion, and our sinful past to future while giving this statute to the Israelites.

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