1. We grateful for GOD’s direction, Mandy! We also accept GOD’s divine providence and will in our lives because His thoughts are different from ours and we know He is a merciful GOD. And that puts us in proper perspective on grumbling on one hand and shining “as lights in the world” on the other. GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. Thank you too, Lisa for sharing GOD’s Word. We will continue to be “lights in the world” and make JESUS CHRIST known. From the topic of sinning will be transitioning on the body as temple of GOD. GOD bless you and your family!

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      1. Blessings to you as well, and may that light be blinding to whom we might be able to shine upon throughout our day! Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised. So may we be of use today! God bless you, and yours! Lisa

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    1. We will all work on it, Crissy! John MacArthur explains that grumbling “is an emotional rejection of GOD’s providence, will, and circumstances in one’s life.” With GOD working in us we can overcome grumbling and we will be filled with awe on how He directs our lives to be blameless and innocent. GOD bless you and your family!

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        1. Sanctification i.e. GOD is setting us apart from the natural inclination to sin and to be like CHRIST is a hard ongoing process of our life, I would say, Crissy so we encourage each other along the way my friend! Good morning! Almost noon in your time.

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    1. We will pray to GOD, Lesley that in the life-long process of sanctification to be like JESUS, we will also get rid of grumbling the soonest. All of us have grumbled atleast nth times with GOD but by accepting that we are hopeless without Him spells the difference. We believe that a GOD who writes the Law in our hearts can also remove grumbling. GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. You are right, Jim! If our goal is to worship the Triune GOD in heaven, our objective then here on earth is to shine as lights (model) for the world while we are in this long process of sanctification in CHRIST JESUS. Only GOD can make us a model as He works in us and we to have a right attitude by sinning less and being blameless as the process goes on. GOD bless you and your family!

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      1. Yes only through God can we shine for Him. I see knowing His grace behind our sanctification result in us worshipping Him and praising Him; but if we think sanctification is our own effort one can’t help but to be prideful. Understanding grace drives our sanctification is important and practical!

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    1. We are grateful, Alan, to the Triune GOD for directing and inspiring us. Talking about His direction in our lives, in this verse, we can pursue godliness or being “blameless and innocent” because the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent GOD is separating us from sin, to be more like JESUS CHRIST. And in this process (i.e. sanctification), we can show/manifest this godliness to people in our environment. GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. True, Alinsen, it takes a light kind heart to easily (but not totally) avoid grumbling and disputing. It also takes GOD to give us a light heart to do it. When GOD sanctifies us and changes our perspective, we seldom see the need to fight. GOD bless you and your family!

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