1. Hi Gersom. I saw that you have followed my blog and I cannot see a way to follow yours. Am I missing something? I did click on the link below that says “Notify me of new posts via email” so I will get a notification with each of your new posts. Usually, there is a way to subscribe but I guess this works just as well.

    God’s blessings…

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    1. Hi Chris, first of all, my apologies it took long to respond to your comment. I just discovered that there are many comments that were diverted to spam for no reason at all, yours included and I’m replying to all of them now. Yes, there are glitches like that, just like all these 20 plus comments in spam. Sometimes, we saw postings and read several posts of the writer, only to find out we have not followed the person. I guess, my post will be visible once you read a few of them. Thank you. GOD bless you!

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      1. Hi Gersom. I am seeing all of your posts in the “Reader.” In my case, it seems my comments always disappear into cyberspace. When I left this comment, I copied it before I sent it. When I didn’t see it on your blog, I figured it did as many of my comments do to other friend bloggers, it disappeared. When I pasted the comment (that I had saved) again, it asked me if I wanted to send a duplicate comment. So, I figured that you had it even if it was in your spam folder. I have had this problem off and on for a couple of years and I really should contact WordPress when I get the time.
        Anyway, I am enjoying your scriptures and the pictures that you put with them. May God bless you in your efforts to share His Words to others.
        (I am sending this comment via the “Reader” as it seems to work more often.)

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    1. You are right about it, Ed! If there is no GOD at all, the spot we are in right now is not even a space or dark matter, it is completely nothing/void; and nothing is created at all. We praise GOD every day! I shared your article on principles and rules in FB, and there are those who agree and like. At lahat sila Noypi (Pinoy)! Totoo nga naman pati yong Bahala na mentality. Add ko lang isang common expression doon, which is popular also, heto, “bahala na si Batman!” Inisip ko nga bakit hindi si Superman (patawa).

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    1. I understand, Jim, since this set of verses were inspirations to different worship songs. ln this case, “Everything has Breath” by Hillsong. Tomorrow will be the song, “Change my heart o GOD.”

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