1. You are right about this, Donna! This is the situation where GOD gave up those He did not elect. Although this set of verses is pertinent to the subseries on election, we can view this in many ways and I’ll just share three. One, as sanctified in CHRIST JESUS, we should be mindful not to “exchange the truth about GOD with a lie and worship and serve the creature rather than the creator” (ESV). Two, we are grateful to GOD for His grace, being justified by our faith, and sanctified continuously by Him throughout our life that we don’t backslide or derailed significantly. And three, when we sinned, GOD disciplines us instead of giving up because of His love. GOD bless you, your family, and camp ministry!

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      1. Sanctified, justified, thankful, and accepted as a son or daughter by a loving Father who cares enough to discipline us.
        I’m thankful for your blessing for me, my family and the camp. Praying you and yours live daily in God’s blessedness.

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    1. I agree with you, ma’am Bonnie, only GOD truly knows the hearts of His created humans and those whom He elects. We can only pray that GOD opens their hearts for His grace and sanctification that they will accept JESUS as their Lord and Savior, being justified by faith in Him alone, and follow Him in His path. We can also pray for those who are sanctified that they don’t get derailed. GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. True, Jim, no human can tame the destructive sin and left alone, he/she plunges to the abyss. With GOD’s grace and being justified by faith, one is santified in CHRIST JESUS. The long process of sanctification polishes ones faith and reduces the number of sins that one will commit.

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        1. Now we are talking time. May your walk in dreamland, pastor be filled with…Batman Incorporated! Happy viewing on Gotham’s high rises! 😉 Short of saying, you should sleep early before 12am.

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        2. …and it is Sunday today, pastor! Looking forward to your Sunday prayer post, Jim. I have a guess what that would be. Currently listening to Charles Stanley, John Mac and GotQuestions.

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        3. One just have to check the trend, the regular audience, remember ones socio-political class notes and documentaries, then bingo! Actually, it is logical that would be the prayer for the week given the importance the position is. What I did not predict is the salvation part. The salvation part of the post was unexpected for me. 🙌 👍And I like how you write it, Jim, it is balance. Happy to predict it two days ago or right after the news.

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        4. The nature of the series i.e. pandemic and prayer logically covers it. Doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to figure. 😉 I prayed for both of them (not just the red but also the blue).

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    1. You are right, Ed, the created has many forms and notions e.g. materialism and excessive pleasures! Anything that we value excessively in par or above or alternatives to GOD, including ourselves, are these lies we worship that won’t give us salvation.


    1. True, Alan, it is like a feeling of being stranded in the middle of a shark infested sea at night without a boat or even a life vest and a lightning storm is approaching. Losing GOD’s love is simply the end. We are grateful that aside from GOD’s grace that we accept in faith, we are also sanctified in CHRIST JESUS. Big difference it is that a Savior is with and in us.

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