1. It is indeed an assurance from the Triune GOD who cares, Crissy! We humbly put trust in our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST; surrendering our anxities, concerns, failures and even successes to Him who sustains us. Continuing from your response in your blog, it is also raining here in Metro Manila due to the southwest monsoon.

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    1. All praises to the Triune GOD, Jim! What a timely verse indeed; GOD’s divine providence. We humbly surrender it to GOD who is in control of everything and does things according to His divine plan, purpose, and glory.

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        1. May GOD give you the strength and encouragement, Jim, to continue “running the race” for Him. Only the Triune GOD can give us the stamina and endurance to move mountains when we seek it from Him.

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        2. The song, because of the beat, makes you energized a bit. Back then, not a day that I don’t listen to that song. Wait, this is secular already but there is a good movie at Netflix we watched today and that is, Extraction.

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        3. Yeah. Also feel free to talk to me about movies and not fear of giving spoilers! I’m one of those guys that don’t mind knowing the spoilers and still can enjoy something if I ever watch it lol

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        4. Actually, the protogonist fell on the bridge. Hahaha. Nah, you should watch it. The locations are Mumbai, outback Australia and Dhaka. Reminded me of Disaster Risk Management projects in both South Asian cities, just like in Kathmandu. Sorry, Jim, immunity calls and already 2 hours late on that one.

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    1. True, ma’am Bonnie, our human nature cannot do it but through the leading, and changing of our heart by the Triune GOD we can. For it is not us who is in control of our self but the HOLY SPIRIT guiding us.

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