November 23, 2020


    1. A fierce lightning! It is hard to convey the end times in a single pic so I picked the lightning bolt, Mandy. JESUS CHRIST will come and He will rid the world of evil and destroy what satan has done in the world. Also there will be no death as GOD the SON will eliminate it. Interesting is the order that is related to the subseries: 1) CHRIST the first fruits, and 2) those in the second coming of JESUS. Grateful to GOD for the promise of a glorified body when JESUS CHRIST comes again.

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    1. You are right, Jim! We believe that JESUS will be victorious against evil and sin. JESUS will reign for a 1,000 years in the earthly Kingdom until He will put all His enemies under His feet/subjugation and these rebels will be thrown to hell along with the evil one. Not only will JESUS complete our sanctification process but also completes the work of delivering the Kingdom to GOD the FATHER. Also relevant to the series is the order of resurrection: JESUS followed by the rest of the firstfruits (until rupture), those who kept the faith during the tribulation, and those that died for JESUS during His 1,000-year reign. That is according to John MacArthur’s Study Bible. GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. Lightning bolt!⚡This is the lightning I’ve mentioned, Jim in my response on your comments in Nov. 23/yesterday’s post. A bolt could power for 6 months a 60-watt lightbulb (RealClear Science, 2012). How much power does a strike/impact (not necessarily lightning) will the enemies of GOD experience? The Book of Revelation has named those.

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        1. Thank you for another opportunity to learn from you, Jim! You surprised me as I had a 10-minute refresher and reflection on earthly task delegation prior to the Bible Study but you had a much logical and appropriate twist/subject/focus on today’s Godly leadership topic. 👍👍

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        2. Glad to have you join us! Will be watching an old Hitchcock film (Rebecca) with my wife since we araely watch movie, than work on my outline to format it and will be back on Wordpess to read your blog

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        3. Yeah. I think older films with less technology really worked on also making things scary by using the power of suggestion and veiling things…our own psyche is enough to stage a horror when we watch a movie

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        4. A problem in that kind of movies is they will do what it takes to scare you even if it is already blasphemous. There is one Marvel horror movie and that is the New Mutants and it is probably available there in CA.

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        5. Wow never thought of Marvel with horror. I think I know more about DC than Marvel and even then with people who know about DC I feel so ignorant, I’m more of a Batman guy lol

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        6. Yes, comics will always attempt to explore other stuff while maintaining their mainline of superheroics. I think DC is less convoluted as Marvel as it centered along the Justice League. Marvel has many central teams that have storylines of their own. Looking forward to read your next review on Batman; maybe on the conclusion of the Bane story, the battle with the batman who laughs, or the 3 Jokers (and the ending part conversation between the two arch enemies. The world of the Bat gets exciting.

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        7. As much as I’d like to give you spoilers but you know the good guys always (most of the times) wins in the end. But it is a good conclusion to the saga and the character(s) that were reintroduced (from alternate timelines).

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