September 22, 2020


    1. We are GOD’s own because of GOD the FATHER’s grace alone that we humbly accept in faith alone through our GOD and Savior JESUS CHRIST alone. As believers in JESUS, not only our sins are cleansed but also we “put on” His righteousness (because He is the sinless Sacrifice for us sinners) and at His judgement seat, we won’t be condemned to hell with His righteousness on us. Blessings to you, ma’am Bonnie! Good morning!

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  1. It is rather difficult to imagine a child being baptized who understands what putting on Christ entails. Jesus was 30 years old when he got baptized so to me, because getting baptized entails understanding the responsibilities involved, it makes little sense to baptize newborn babies…any ideas?

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    1. You are right, Ed, baptizing in CHRIST and a life thereof putting on JESUS righteousness, entails understanding on its significance so one won’t get “backslide” in ones faith in GOD. Newborns, as cuddly as they are, does not have that concept yet. Maybe 6 or 8 year olds have certain understanding; 12 was my age back then.


    1. True, when GOD enlightens us, Jim, and both our mind and heart is focus on Him in meditation, the words “sons of GOD” has a deeper and stronger meaning. It is the receiving and acceptance of our souls someday by the Triune GOD, and the assurance in thess days, that despite what is going on in the world, GOD will be there and carry His own.

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        1. Ah, didn’t know that group twist the biblical term but it doesn’t surprise me since members of that group in the states are so militant and twists God’s word like pretzel

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        2. The name of their sect is kingdom of JC church, Jim, and they have an LA church. They are similar to the most powerful cult as they wield influence with the current… They were in your local news early this year for some immigration troubles; sorry for the codes but they have trolls.

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