April 18, 2020


  1. Hi Gersom,
    Hoping you and your loved one are doing well. GODS words are like loving instruction to guide us all through these times until our JESUS returns to take us home. And it is always so good to hear these words in your blogs. 🙂 Stay safe brother Gersom and have a blessed day!

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    1. Thank you JJ! All praises to the Triune GOD who, according to His purpose, constantly guides and inspires us. GOD is good, we are all safe under His protection and care. You are right about GOD’s words! It is also our sole source of understanding Him and making Him known. You too and your family JJ, stay safe, know the risks in your environment, plan to avert the risks from this pandemic, and above all pray to GOD. Looks like this will take longer than originally thought. –

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  2. Wow you also have “missing” comments? That makes three of us…ExCatholic Tom, you and I. I hope WordPress fixes that problem; by the way your last comment on my blog I didn’t see your comment on notification either and had to see it manually in my blog

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