May 1, 2020

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  1. True, Jim! We should focus more on witnessing/teaching/sharing the good news and JESUS’ commands. We should also better prepare ourselves in our relationship with GOD; acknowledging His grace that saves and sustains us, strengthen our faith in CHRIST alone (in spite of this invisible enemy), and be guided by the Holy Spirit in love and in prayer. We can never be perfect (in this transient world) but we are (very) ready to receive JESUS when He comes again. [Readiness to receive JESUS, I could imagine will be like Stephen, seeing JESUS with gladness while the stones were heading to him in Acts 7:55-60]


  2. Kent, I second yours and SlimJim’s comments. Contrary to Jesus’s instructions in this passage, many believers get wrapped around the axle trying to determine the time of His return.

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    1. Thank you, Tom. True, JESUS wants us to focus on following Him (and ergo His teachings). Just like what JESUS responded to Peter when he ask about John (in John 22:21-23), JESUS said, “you follow me.”

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    1. Thank you very much, Jim! Your prayer means a lot to me. With that graphics medium fulfilled, the possibility of an audio bible verse (for free) will be explored; depending on the availability of that technology/software.

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        1. Thank you, Jim. Video=still+audio. The next logical step is audio. It all depends now if there is a result on the current mission i.e. one unsaved to be saved in CHRIST JESUS.

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