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    1. GOD the FATHER, is in control of all that He created, including molecules, micro organisms, humans, planets, and galaxies of the universe. That is very comforting to know that the Triune GOD is, and we anchor our hope in Him, humbly living in faith in JESUS CHRIST, our savior with the conviction and intercession of the HOLY SPIRIT. This is the set of verses as prelude to the verses on law and grace, justification, sanctification etc, Jim. Currently listening to pastor Lutzer on Emmaus (Resurrected Dreams) at Running to Win. GOD bless on your sermon today!

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      1. It is comforting indeed! For an apologetics group on FB I saw someone ask if God’s sovereignty is depressing but I found it helpful when I was depressed before being saved and also comforting. Glad you shared this verse in your ongoing series

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        1. True, Jim, GOD is GOD and is good (but to sin, He hates), so Him being sovereign in ones life does not mean life is over, hence depressing to think for the created who loses control. On the contrary, it is reassuring that He is always there in ones life, not leaving nor foresaking that person (whether still depressed for no work like me or someone jubilantly jumping for joy). GOD is there and in control of our lives, everything is in His time and according to His purpose and glory. We cling on Him further knowing He is sovereign in our lives and someday, we will meet Him and not thrown in the lake of fire.

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    1. True, Crissy! We are assured that we are safe and saved in the arms of an unchanging, merciful, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient Triune GOD! We know that with GOD, nothing is impossible. Responding on your recent comment in your article, I’m in the Philippines.

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