1. Mandy, that is great news! Thank GOD! Thanking and praising Him who watches and sustains us. Finally, it is done and I bet, loving it is just an understatement of how you really love it. Mandy, I have the same set you mentioned to also thank you for. Above all, GOD’s blessing to you, Nathan, and your home!

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    1. One more similar OT verse to go. An example of this verse is the blind man whom our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST healed, which can be found in John 9:1-41. Not only the man was healed physically and spiritually but also it showed the spiritual blindness of the pharisees. We thank the Triune GOD for opening our eyes, ears, heart, and mind in belief and faith in Him alone. And for forgiving us of all our sins. GOD bless, Jim, you, your family, and your ministry!

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