September 19, 2020

Romans 8:3-4


    1. Praise the Lord GOD JESUS CHRIST! We are grateful to our Savior, Mandy, the verse says it all that we are free from condemnation to hell because of JESUS! This is one of the great set of verses that states, we are under the covenant of grace and not anymore under the law. Blessings on the weekend ahead!

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        1. That was an awesome dinner, Mandy! I missed the steak than the calamari although there is not much squid avalable online; I just can’t have a grill in here. Nothing beats sci-fi and that made me like some sciences; no wonder Nathan is a fan of those movies. History is also a great pastime.

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        2. Nathan LOVES all sci-fi stuff. Nathan does not care how poorly acted or directed it is. Nathan watches anything from aliens to zombies to pestilence to ocean submarine type stuff. I just tune it out!! He’s also a fan of comics and superheroes so y’all have A LOT to talk about!

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        3. And if I can add, Mandy is slowly becoming a fan of sci-fi. 😉 There are many Historical movies that are great although not as popular as big budget superhero movies. By the way, there is a good series that might be in the middle ground that you both might like. I recommend “Crush Landing On You” but you have to regularly read the subtitles cause it is Korean. It is a wirth it series.

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        4. Forgive me if this is a dumb question. Do you have a favorite superhero or comic book? Do you prefer DC or Marvel or are you equal opportunity? Nathan will watch whatever but he loves and I mean LOVES the Wolverine. I will tell Nathan about this series and let you know what he thinks!

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        5. Mandy, just tell Nathan, the movie is for you and it is better you both watch it; you both won’t regret it. It is a favorite in Asia especially in these times of stay at home binge watching. Now for my favorite heroes, not just one but two, of course for name sake, Clark Kent and the other is Tony Stark (even before the movies). Actually, I’m more on an equal opportunity for both Marvel and DC. I’m sending you one or two pictures via wordless email on those superheroes.

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    1. We could sing the Hallelujah Chorus on this Good News, Crissy! Regardless of our sins, we are not condemned when we accept this GOD’s grace by faith through JESUS CHRIST our Savior. A blessed Sunday ahead my friend! The chorus still rings on my head.


  1. Thanks, Kent, for faithfully posting passages from God’s Word that are an inspiration each morning!
    RE: Romans 8:1-2
    We rejoice now in our Savior, but in Heaven when we comprehend to the fullest extent what Jesus Christ has done for us……what a celebration!

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    1. I’m thanking GOD, Tom, for this opportunity and leading. Right now, we are transitioning to verses related to reconciliation and then to sanctification. By showing verses how GOD sanctifies us, we may then understand election–the final subseries. You are right, Tom, right now we can only relate what JESUS did on something more earthly than divine. And when we are enlightened by GOD in heaven, I can’t imagine how grateful we truly are; singing worship songs in gratitude will be truly amazing. Blessings to you and your wife!

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