May 16, 2020

Best things in life are free. Salvation is a gift from the GOD in three persons. Just believe in JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and Savior, and surrender everything to Him.

The journey started on May 16, 2019, when I created this WordPress account. I considered October 14, 2019, as the official start….


  1. Thanks, Kent! This passage is an encouragement! I don’t ALWAYS pant for God as a deer pants for flowing streams (what a wonderful analogy!), but the Lord is gracious and is teaching me.

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    1. True, Tom! The verse reminds us of the hymn, “As a Deer.” Also, just like how a deer nourishes himself/herself with water, you are right, we too must nourish spiritually with GOD’s teachings; pondering on His love, grace, and mercy. All praises to the Triune GOD!

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    1. All praises to the Triune GOD, Crissy! ☝️🙂👍I’m thanking Him for this opportunity to spread His word and asking for prayers that it will lead to repentance to someone that GOD calls (effectual call). Not 100% sure that I would pursue this exactly a year ago. Likewise, May our GOD pour you with blessings, good health, and lead you another work opportunity to proclaim Him.

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  2. Salvation is free for those who exercise faith. Maraming tao ang nagsasabi “may pananampalataya” ako ngunit sabi ni Jesus “exercise faith”: bukod sa pananampalataya kailangang kumilos batay sa pananampalataya at ito ang ayaw ng marami

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    1. You are right, Ed! Salvation is given by GOD by His grace alone, receiving it only by faith that means, trusting Him solely in everything, and that He bestows it alone and not by other mortals or even our own means i.e. working hard for it, and it is received by faith in JESUS CHRIST and confessing that He is our Lord and Savior. Faith in CHRIST means surrendering everything to Him. Ngayon, sa paniniwala natin na 1) si HESU KRISTO ay Anak ng Diyos, Panginoon at Tagapagligtas; at 2) tanging ang Panginoong Diyos lang ang makapagligtas sa ating makakasalanang puso, tayoy kumilos na tutuo tayong niligtas ng Diyos; at iwanan ang nakasanayang makasalang na buhay. Itong pagbabago sa ating kalooban ay gabay ng Diyos ESPIRITO SANTO. Itong bagong gawi natin at kagandahang/kabutihang asal ay di makapagligtas sa ating espirito kasi nga tanging panampalataya lang natin sa Panginoong Diyos yan lang makapagliligtas sa atin. Ngunit kung tayoy tutuong naligtas, babalik pa ba tayo sa kasamaan o bakit di natin pakita ang mabuting kalooban at asal natin. Now, we are living by faith that saves and not our works but we convey/reflect/show that faith by following what JESUS CHRIST teaches, doing good in the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT by the grace of GOD the FATHER and spreading His word. Having true faith in the Triune GOD changes us.


  3. Many people even within Christianity dismiss the idea that God punished the wicked with a flood but legends of a flood can be found everywhere in the world and Jesus referred to the flood as an historical fact

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  4. There are Christians that sees GOD as a source for prosperity and all the good vibes, and cannot fathom a GOD who hates sin; let alone punished them with a flood. Yes, Ed, it is true because JESUS, who is a GOD and was in the beginning with GOD the FATHER, said so. One of those legends is that of Gilgamesh. In spite of climate change, we thank GOD that He won’t cause any huge epic world flood just like that one.


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