1. True, Mandy! With this new covenant of GOD’s grace, we are forgiven and cleansed through the atoning sacrifice of JESUS. We have to repent and confess our sins regularly and directly to GOD for He is willing to forgive. We might be disciplined in the process but we still go to heaven in the end or in the new beginning. GOD bless you, Mandy and your entire family!

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        1. Likewise, Mandy! We shall press on in faith and love to our Savior and GOD, JESUS CHRIST! Looking forward to another article from you, my friend! Wait, what time is it, you are still awake! A blessed week ahead!

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    1. True, Ed! I definitely agree with you! Realizing and admitting our flaws and how guilty we feel in the process, is the first step. It is also an indication that the HOLY SPIRIT is convicting us and we are living in a new life (a.k.a. “born again”) in JESUS CHRIST. We humbly confess directly to GOD what we did wrong in that very minute or everyday. He is willing to forgive. A blessed Sunday, Ed, you, your wife, and biyenan!


    1. True, Crissy! The Triune GOD forgives us completely and wipes/washes away all our (past, present and future) sins (in spite of our stubbornness) so we can be with Him. His love for us is like no other we know. His thoughts indeed are not like our thoughts. A blessed Sunday, Crissy!

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    1. True, Bigsky Buckeye! It starts with knowing that we sin and what our sins are, through the conviction of the HOLY SPIRIT in us. Followed by asking GOD earnestly for forgiveness for having such sinful thoughts and/or actions. And doing our best not to repeat the same sins (which is impossible but keep on trying anyway). In the end, it is an acceptance that no matter how much we try, we are sinners and in need of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST to clean us (as white as snow) for all our sins; giving us the opportunity to face GOD the FATHER in heaven (when the time comes).


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