1. True, Crissy! JESUS came for us, the sinners, to repent and follow Him in faith and Trust as our Lord and Savior in our lives. Paul recalled his past as a persecutor of Christians before the road to Damascus meeting with JESUS and the grace and mercy of JESUS there after; changing his life to a ministry in CHRIST. The life changing work by the Triune GOD is so amazing! Come Lord JESUS!

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    1. True, Jim! GOD revealed something to hope for, for all of us sinners through the GOD-inspired recollection of Paul. In spite of what Saul (now Paul) did by persecuting Christians like James, GOD paved the way for salvation, repentance, and service to Him with honor–receiving His mercy with delight.

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        1. Yes, Jim! If it is GOD’s will and plan, He will bestow grace; it is His prerogative. Praying now for the two items I’ve mentioned. You need volunteers as force multiplier even if they will just make the initial contact. Praying now. Good night, pastor and GOD bless you, your family, and ministry.

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        1. After praying to GOD again and heading to sleep, I realized something related to emergency management, Jim. In Incident Command System, there should be certain support staff/people to assist the Commander in responding to a hazard and in this case communicating to many church members as possible. You can have an ICS type of adhoc group of volunteers who can distribute the load of the task in a war room/EOC setting.

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