1. Praise the Lord GOD Almighty for this possibility of leaving our old sinful self and having a transformative new way of living because of the grace from our GOD. GOD bless you, Wisdom for Living!

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    1. Praise GOD indeed, Crissy! We have a lot to be grateful with GOD and a lot of reason to “walk in faith” for truly, He is a merciful GOD. We are also shedding our old sinful self like a skin and embracing the “glorious body” that GOD will give in heaven! Praise GOD!

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  1. Responding to your post: Wow that’s a good idea of writing a book from the collection of posts responding to the skeptics. Also that’s cool to see you are quite the DC guy!

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    1. You have a compilation already, Jim, the next logical lstep is to format it like a book or an anthology of thematic responses. Aside from the main objective, that is refuting false claims of Biblical contradiction, it will be a good resource to understand further the verses just like a Study Bible. The Bible is the greatest book, no doubt but sometimes we have to know the context of certain verses. Anyway, not just DC but the house of M, Jim! I’m not (much of a) fan with both superheroes from elementary to masters, only (right) after masters did I return reading, starting with Transformers and G.I. JOE. GOD has discipline me for that.

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