August 3, 2020

Take me out of the dark video


    1. One of my favorite verses, Mandy, trust in GOD (in His promises, leading, and teachings/commands) and acknowledging Him, His works, His faithfulness, and His saving grace in our life by thanking/talking/praying to Him. I hope you like the video too, made in 2008, the only Filipino song in the channel.


    1. You are right, Ed! Surrendering everything to the Triune GOD in His will, control and direction in our life. [That is part of the theme of this website.] To do so, we will pray to allow/letting Him come to our life, asking for guidance, discern/know what is sinful, take time to listen to Him, and heed His prodding. This also entails surrendering ones successes, accomplishments, failures, worries, phobias, traumatic experiences, career, and future to the merciful Triune GOD that sustains us all faithfully.


      1. And surrendering also means letting go of all man made traditions and beliefs and sticking to God’s word even if it says things that contradict what we have been taught for decades and are emotionally attached to

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        1. Ed! True! I absolutely agree with you! 🙂👍That is freedom from needless shackles and yoke! Trusting and surrendering completely only in the Triune GOD! Having faith in JESUS CHRIST alone in His saving grace!


        2. And obviously being willing to let go of all ideas, traditions and beliefs that we hold dear if they contradict what the Bible really teaches no matter how many decades we have been holding to these things. The point is that God is the master of the universe. In much the same way as OFW faithfully do everything that their master or amo says if we view the Creator as the master we will be willing to do and believe only what He says and not what we want or our family or culture wants

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        3. Amen! You are right, Ed! No matter how many years or decades we, our elders, and ancestors willfully hold those traditions and assumptions, if they are contrary to what the Bible teaches, then we have to let it go. We now focus on our relationship with the Triune GOD; Him alone in faith and love. We acknowledge that only the Triune GOD can really saved us and He is whom we worship, repent/ask forgiveness, and trust. For He alone gives us salvation by His grace, mercy, redeemtion, guidance, conviction, and intercession. And lastly, follow His commandments of love GOD and neighbor.


  1. One of my favorite verses! When I was in the military as a new guy in the Marines’ boot camp I had a drill instructor who love punishing us and quote this verse to me since he knew I was a serious question. Always made me remember this.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience in the Marines, Jim, and how this verse is memorable to you. It is one of the many great verses and a great reminder for us in our relationship with our Creator, Sustainer, and Savior Triune GOD.

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