October 4, 2020

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    1. A wise counsel, Jim, for this reason, it is great to really have GOD in our lives. GOD truly hates sins and through His Holiness, sins cannot stand. For starters, it is best to see His hand on things and events knowing and accepting that He is there. He is a merciful GOD, He does not want anyone to perish, He accepts our repentance, and He will come into our lives; with this, we call JESUS to come and the salvation “process” proceeds. Rejecting JESUS however, leads to being consumed by sin. It is never to late with acknowledging the Triune GOD. Thank you for your comment, Jim, it made me realize what to write soon or for mid month.

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        1. True, Jim! GOD is GOD! A GOD of mercy, indeed, regardless of how “huge” our sins are! We will then acknowledge Him in our life and He will straighten our path; rejecting Him is not an option.

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  1. “ God gave them up” God has expressing His wrath by allowing human beings to be consumed with the desire to do unrighteous things out of a debased mind.
    So grateful for His mercy and forgiveness in Jesus.
    Blessings Clark

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    1. True, Crissy! GOD gives up those who reject JESUS CHRIST . Without GOD, humans spiral downwards in sin. We are grateful to the Triune GOD for working and coming in our lives that walk by faith in Him. We must continue living along the path of CHRIST JESUS. GOD bless you and your family!

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        1. Only GOD can truly change the hearts of people where He writes what ought to be done and not. Modern Earthly statutes/laws should reflect on what is right and wrong. Blessings, ma’am Bonnie!


    1. The blending of colors probably helped, Jim. Thanking GOD for the availability of pictures like this. There are some pictures in my mind that I can’t find from the free sites. This reminds us of a campfire and for me, an open fire grilling in the way back in the province.

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