August 29, 2020


  1. Amen! All praises to the Triune GOD for His promises to us, Mandy! We call/pray/worship/thanksgiving in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST, for which no human goes to GOD the FATHER in heaven except through JESUS; by believing that He is the Lord GOD and the Savior of our lives vis-a-vis our sins as we surrender in faith in Him, for only Him can cleanse away all our sins. GOD bless you and your entire family, Mandy!

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    1. True, Jim, GOD is indeed gracious to us sinners. We acknowledge that JESUS is our Lord, GOD, and Savior! We surrender to Him everything and concede that without JESUS, we are sunk in our boat full of sins. Don’t worry, Romans 10:9 comes sooner than you think.

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        1. True, GOD Still Speaks, what we experienced this year is not hard because GOD is with us and it is not tribulation times yet. I believe we can overcome what is happening in our world right now, through prayers and steadfast faith in the Triune GOD. We have to hold on to GOD’s promises and the saving grace through JESUS CHRIST–our GOD and Savior. GOD bless you! By the way, which part of the globe are you from? I’m from the Philippines.

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