September 9, 2020

John 11:25


    1. Thank GOD for showing us these examples of what are we justified for and what faith is. True, Jim, it is an emotional set of scenes between 1) a GOD and His creation, 2) a Good Shepherd and His lost sheeps, and 3) JESUS with His close friends. JESUS was late (or was He), He seems failed His closest friends (or did He), Lazarus died/buried, His friends’ faith in Him is steadfast, and the perfect timing of JESUS was shown to reveal His glory as of the SON of GOD (a GOD), and resurrects His creation and close friend. Similar to His friends, we seem feel that GOD was not there. Actually, GOD was there, we just did not feel it it at that moment. The Chapter touches a lot of topics aside from the resurrection of bodies to the dynamics of friendship. But a great takeaway is on faith.

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        1. Amen! Indeed we can draw a lot from each verse in GOD’s word. Many angles for the sermon, pastor! GOD bless you and your family, Jim! By the way, nice reference you reviewed. It helps me understand a society in a socio-economic and political stand point.

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    1. A wonderful hope indeed! We thank the Triune GOD for showing us how to be with Him in heaven, Donna, and not in hell where there will be eternal punishment. This set of verses echoes on the Gospels and epistles that JESUS is the only way and we live in faith in him alone as our Lord (GOD the SON) and Savior (Messiah). GOD bless you, your family and evangelizing team!

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