1. We grateful, Mandy that JESUS, 1) who walked among us, 2) sinless yet sacrificed for all our sins, 3) resurrected by GOD the FATHER, and 4) victorious over death. will be able to deliver us from its snares that we will not fear death. Someday, when He comes again, we too will either be resurrected or (when still alive) meet Him and be transformed in our glorious body (that we will tackle in the succeeding verses). We have a hope in what CHRIST did that we should not fear. A lot of us are struggling on it. We shall surrender it to GOD and seek His assurance and peace of heart. Replying to your email soon with many YouTube links (again) both on the sci-fi (Mandalorian) and the science (artificial intelligence). GOD bless you, Nathan, and your mom!

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    1. Our GOD and Savior paved the way for us to be resurrected in a glorified body someday when He comes by destroying the barrier. We are truly grateful for JESUS’ love and completing work in us so we can worship our Triune GOD. Truly, He is an omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient GOD. GOD bless you, Jim, Nancy, and your kids.

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        1. Sure, Jim, no problem, I’d like to help. Question, who are your audience, if they are a, b, and c crowd, then English is the best way so it can easily be understood/digested/comprehended but for d and e, Tagalog is preferred. I can teach you Tagalog for introductory purposes like greetings etc.

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        2. Ok po. Magandang umaga galing sa California! Kumusta ang araw nila? You can have liners like I am Jim (ako po si Jim/pangalan ko po si Jim), how is the weather, how is the lockdown, how is the traffic these days etc. These questions will encourage talkative Filipinos to share before you cut them and proceed with the topic.

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        3. Magandang umaga is Good morning, magandang hapon is good afternoon. Kumusta (i.e. How is) and araw nila (your day). Note that we used “nila” here or them in English, the use of a third person to refer tonthe receiver of communication is a sign of respect. Similarly, a “po” in a sentence is also for that purpose. So, when we say, how is the weather, traffic, lockdown, we simply say these words, kumusta ang weather, traffic, and lockdown? The word “ang” is actually “the” and we use many English words in Filipino.

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    1. Grateful to GOD for leading us to these pictures, Jim! It is like hearing an extra loud voice, LET THERE BE LIGHTNING! This picture does not even give an inch of justice to how our GOD and Savior says it with POWER!

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        1. True, GOD’s power is immensely immeasurable and for the sake of thinking it out, a strong lightning bolt is just like a sand in the beach in comparison in size to a cluster of galaxies.

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