September 10, 2020


    1. True, cactusflower18, Romans is a wonderful book, rich in “solid food” truths, as we grow in faith in our Lord JESUS CHRIST. I concur with you that Paul is worth emulating. His epistles shows his character both past and present and how GOD changes him, giving him Godly wisdom and perspective; conveying it to the churches then and for us now, to follow.

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    1. True, Jim, JESUS’ “work for our salvation” is wonderful, and yes, it holds true to the two other Persons in the Triune GOD. The set of key words here is “righteous requirement” of GOD the FATHER that He sent His only Son, JESUS to be born, live and walk among sinful humans in the fallen world. JESUS, even tempted by Satan, did not sin nor encourage sinning. The SON of GOD is the righteous requirement and thus fulfilled the Law. And His sacrifice on the cross as a sin less “Son of Man” that bore GOD the FATHER’s wrath for all our sins (countless to imagine), gives us the righteousness we can’t even work an inch for nor achieve on our own. As we declare in faith to our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST, and thus justified by faith as His elect (only GOD knows His own), the HOLY SPIRIT works in us, sanctifying us in the process. GOD bless you and your family!

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        1. Thank you for the encouragement, Jim! All three Persons in the Godhead is involved in our Salvation. By knowing the role, we appreciate GOD more and not consider other “demigods”, mortals, and “spirits” to be our intercessors or receiving our praise/confessions.

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        2. True, Jim! It all boils down to: it is all the Triune GOD’s divine grace/work in us and we just humbly accept it with faith, hope for His promises, and love to the GOD who only looks for our welfare. How is your area and air quality so far?

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        3. The fire is spreading more closer to the residential areas near where I live. They are short of fire fighters because of the many fires so this one near us they say might be burning till October…

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        4. Yes, there was shortage sometime in Feb and March. There must be a big demand now with the fires and the low air quality that follows. Evaluate the plan and check the go bag items just to be ready.

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        5. True, it was an unthinkable and unbelievable for us when we dicussed the global event. We were used to the notion of the nation state actor and not a non-state one. The book, “clash of civilizations” became a hit back then. Some questions in the compre exams a sem later were about 9/11. It encouraged me to take online courses on the subject years later after the program.

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        6. Not at all, Jim. There are many things to know about the Triune GOD and His creation (i.e. all the fields of study in the world). Those mundane information can also help us share the Gospel and encourage people in CHRIST, as long as our perspective to the “worldy information” is according to the Gospel of who GOD is and His saving grace.

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        7. Thank you, Jim! Just reading, watching, and listening to various interests and topics. We may not use them directly to evangelize but GOD has a way that we encounter those materials/sources to give us worldly examples based on/as we reflect on His word (e.g. waht the fallen world is, seeing GOD’s grace, trusting GOD more).

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    1. True, Littlemermaidwrites, these are wonderful words to know and live by. GOD the FATHER is graceful to the unworthy us that He sent JESUS, His SON, to be in the world of sinners. JESUS ate, walked, talked, healed, forgave, and died for sinners so that we will have faith, hope, and love in the resurrected and ascended CHRIST who cleanses all our sins. GOD bless you!

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