September 16, 2020


    1. Indeed, such love JESUS has for us, Lesley! How wondrous is the merciful SON of GOD. JESUS returns victoriously in heaven by His own blood and for that we can follow Him as His redeemed. Praise GOD! GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. Thank you for that information, Jim! True, these verses give us full confidence that our redemption is complete through the blood of JESUS CHRIST–our Messiah and GOD. It is done 100% by our Savior. Thus, there is no more point to work for our redemption/salvation.

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    1. These verses are important to our faith that JESUS paid for our sins once and for all and we have redemption/salvation because of what JESUS did, which is the only acceptable sacrifice by GOD the FATHER for all our sins. Happy to hear from you, ma’am Bonnie! Thank GOD!

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