September 30, 2020


  1. Good post and good verse: Being sanctified means our identity radically changed, we are no longer slaves to sin but are identity is in Christ: We are adopted and His child! That motivates us to further godliness!

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    1. Thank you for expounding on the verse, Jim! I appreciate it. Indeed, there is a behavior and perspective change in us when we are sanctified in CHRIST JESUS. True, it motivates us to further godliness until JESUS comes or when we go to Him. Thank you, Jim! I’m currently listening to John Piper’s and’s discussions on can we lose our salvation and I have updated the list of verses on sanctification, adding few more.

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        1. Thank you but I actually fear it might get boring like my surname cause it involves/covers a lot as it touches a life in CHRIST JESUS. When this is finalized, I’ll share it with you, Jim. After this, maybe we will tackle glorification then finally back to base 1 i.e. election. It ends then the series on GOD’s grace. We will delve on the HOLY SPIRIT and might go the Sermon on the Mount series.

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        2. GOD willing, Jim, it will be edifying. My last count now is 46 verses from now. Maybe I’ll just have another series on salvation and incorporate some of them. I’ll just pray tonight for GOD’s guidance.

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  2. Thanks for this passage, Kent. The irony is that there are quasi-“Christian” denominations that openly and unabashedly teach the “weak and beggarly elements” (KJV) as the means to salvation, and yet believers embrace them as Christian in desire for shallow “unity.”

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    1. Thank you too, Tom, for the example. Yes, there are cults and “quasi-Christians” who have those kinds of understandings and teachings on salvation that is not centered on JESUS alone and GOD’s grace alone that is accepted by faith alone nor acknowledging CHRIST as GOD but instead have other non-Biblical notions/teachings that is not helpful on ones salvation in CHRIST JESUS. Yes, there are believers who try to forge unity for the sake of unity. My take on that is GOD calls whom He elects, we keep on sharing GOD’s word, and there is no need to unify irreconcilable beliefs; afterall, we all exist peacefully. For the past few days I’ve encountered other verses pertinent to your example (false prophets) and these sets of verses are part of and spread in this 50-day subseries on sanctification. GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. Amen to it, Crissy! These subseries has verses pertinent to that topic aside from this set. We thank GOD for revealing His word, opened our hearts amd minds, directing us to a proper church, and never allowed evil to snatch/giving us false teachings. GOD bless you, Crissy, you and your family!

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    1. We are grateful, ma’am Bonnie, to the Triune GOD for His word that gives us guidance, Godly wisdom, and discerment as we walk by faith according to His way. Praising GOD for His love. GOD bless you and your family.

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    1. That is great news! GOD is blessing you Bigsky Buckeye that you are sanctified to maturity in CHRIST JESUS! Continue your good example of relying on JESUS to work in you towards salvation. Blessings to you and your family!


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