September 29, 2020


    1. True, ma’am Bonnie! James just reiterated what JESUS CHRIST has said in John 15:19 and John 17:15. When we grow in faith in JESUS and continously sanctified in Him by the Triune GOD, there will be a point in our life that our worldly perspectives and desires will be a burden as a follower of CHRIST and vice versa. We have to choose, let go of the other one, and focus on the chosen path; GOD willing, JESUS’ way. Blessing to you and your family!

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    1. We are grateful to GOD for His direction, for inspiring us, revealing us His word, and leading us to free resources. In our journey to be like CHRIST by grace, walking by faith according to His path, growing in the love of the Triune GOD and hope on His promises, and being set apart, we have to let go of worldliness eventually. Thank you too, Crissy! Likewise, have a blessed afternoon!

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    1. Does that mean, you won’t be a friend to anyone?😉
      Correct me if I’m wrong, Jim, “friendship with the world” implies following/embracing/living what is desirable, popular, and acceptable according to worldly standards and that includes power, fame, and wealth. Sometimes (if not most), it means living a sinful life just to be in or maintain such standards without GOD.

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      1. Yes that is my view what you said its with embracing the ways of the world; with nonbelieving friends I think it is an issue of being honest of how much you influence them versus them influencing you to a pattern of sin that one watch out for.
        But definitely won’t be the one say don’t be a friend with no one at all who is a sinner, that would mean everyone lol

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        1. Jim, thank you very much, you explained it very well. For a change, I’m thinking of extracting answers from you guys and you are the first one to do it.
          True, nonbelieving friends can pressure and influence. There is a tendency that one can be enticed and ultimately giving up one’s “faith”. Sometimes, having a “faith” is just an exterior shell and the worldliness is the real one. Asking kids to choose their friends wisely is a great advice and that is one of your points in your article on parenting. GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. Amen to that, JJ! The “world” has it ways, desires, and path that will be in conflict to our faith in the Triune GOD. We choose GOD and His path even if it is not popular. GOD bless you and your family!

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