1. Now, that we have heard about GOD, we read His Word, accepting humbly His grace by faith, and acknowledging that JESUS is the only way for salvation, we must not live in a world that perceives there is no GOD, no Savior, and no repentance. We live this sanctified life in CHRIST with gladness and hope. Blessings to you and your family, ma’am Bonnie!

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  1. I pray that more and more people come to know Christ and all that He offers us. I pray that we can learn not to despise people of the world, that we continue to work to make the Kingdom of God known to them.
    Thank you, Gersom. These words from Ephesians helps me to understand the people of the world a bit better, so that I can have more compassion.

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    1. You are right, Lesley, we should pray that a lot of people will come to know JESUS and ask Him to come into their lives; be their Savior. We also pray that they will repent, confess their sins, and follow JESUS’ way. All these according to GOD’s sovereign will and purpose. It is not too late yet to seek GOD in one’s life. I believe, even on the 11th hour, if that someone ask for forgiveness from a merciful and loving GOD, he/she will be forgiven and be accepted by GOD. But for those who already accepted JESUS that person must not go back again to a lifestyle without GOD, salvation, and repentance. GOD bless you and your family Lesley! Good morning!


    1. You are right, Jim, the last verse/verse 30 gives it away. I agree, we should be grateful to the Triune GOD for patiently and continuously sanctifying/working in us even if we fail/sin too in the process. Having a sanctified life under JESUS’ helm, we sin less than we used to, as our heart is being change slowy by GOD the FATHER. The HOLY SPIRIT convicts us when we sin or about to commit one. Still we sinned daily, we are not yet “well done”, this reminds me of a stake.

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        1. Indeed it is, Jim, a work of the Triune GOD. We praise Him that in this sanctification process, He is patient and supporting us like parent does for his/her little child until we sin less and become like CHRIST.

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        2. That is the HOLYS SPIRIT working in you, Jim! You are being molded to be like the Good Shepherd–JESUS CHRIST. Being sanctified is like learning a new skill and like taking online courses seriously; there is an effect in what and how we do things in life because of the new knowledge/approach/skill.

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