1. Yes, Jim, in Christ is sanctification indeed, as we are molded in Him and walking in His way! This set of verses by James also shows the redemptive work of JESUS CHRIST that clothed us in His righteousness. His love for us is something we can boast to the Triune GOD. And if we boast His love for us to people, it is out of encouraging them to have a right relationship with GOD.

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        1. Thank you very much, Jim for another behavior changing and GOD appreciating Biblical lecture. I enjoyed writing down and pondering later the main points, examples and applications. I will digest it further.

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        2. I’m encouraged to hear that. Now I’m editing my outline so I can post it on the blog. Encouraged to hear you take notes. I’m talking online with brother Christopher from the Bible Study tonight the one who now lives in Indonesia about Systematic Theology…


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