November 29, 2020

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    1. Yes, Mandy, it is indeed a “beautiful image” for a beautifully awesome revelation that JESUS CHRIST is GOD! When GOD the SON comes, He will call His own and they will arise and meet Him. That will be a best experience for all of us whom GOD the FATHER gives grace, JESUS CHRIST GOD the SON redeems and completely sanctifies, and GOD the HOLY SPIRIT guides, convicts, and intercedes. GOD bless you, Nathan, and your mom!

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  1. Reading this makes me realize that if one didn’t believe the Trinity but hold to say the heresy of Modalism then this whole passage about the Father giving the Son life would not make sense, that would be like the same person giving himself something.
    What a marvelous hop in verses 28-29 though!

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    1. True, Jim and this was said by the key Eyewitness and that is JESUS CHRIST who is GOD and is the SON of GOD. This subseries also touches the divinity of JESUS CHRIST because our resurrection is tied in JESUS, whom we believe is GOD. Because He is GOD, He commands/calls when He comes again those who are His own who are dead to rise and live (glorified body). In this set of verses, JESUS has been given authority by GOD the FATHER to give resurrection of life for those whom He calls His own and judgement for those who did not believe Him as GOD at all. GOD bless you, Nancy, and the kids!

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        1. Sana nga magdilang angel kayo po. May mga tanda na nagpahiwatig na malapit ma talaga and katapusan ng mundo. Nasa Panginoong DIYOS AMA kung kailan Niya itakda ang panahon. Pinaka importante, kung kailan man po iyon, tayo ay buong pusong naniniwala na si HESUS ay ating Panginoong Diyos at Tagapagligtas. With that, we are ready to meet JESUS anytime soon. Hoy, get well soon! Sana makapag adventure kayo ulit. Pag naka relax, mabilis ang healing po.

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