1. I am thankful that Jesus won’t judge me to spend eternity in hell; however, I need to be more mindful that I will undergo a believers judgment. Charles Stanley said something in a sermon on the believers judgement in that we will all look like Swiss cheese having holes where we didn’t align with God’s will, forfeited reward. I am thankful for Jesus is transforming and sanctifying us in preparation for our future glory with Him. Love you, brother!

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    1. You are right, Mandy, and we also pray and believe too in faith that JESUS CHRIST will not judge and throw us to hell as He will complete our sanctification. We hold firm to GOD’s promise by living a dedicated life for Him, avoiding sin as much as possible, always praying to Him that He will lead us away from sinning, and be humble to received the fact that no matter how much we strived working it out to sin less, we fail and only GOD succeeds in completing the task of holiness for us; accepting us in Heaven instead of judging us. I’d like to listen to Stanley at In Touch, what is the title of his sermon? GOD bless you, Nathan, your brother and parents!

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        1. No worries, Mandy, sometimes we will be surprised to rediscover it. I’ll look for it too in the app or web. Indeed, no matter what we do, we can’t without the Triune GOD working in us and completing it.

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    1. You are right, Jim! JESUS CHRIST is GOD, no doubt! Those who truly believe in faith in Him as GOD and Savior of our lives will be resurrected in a glorified body for heaven. And those who will not, will still be resurrected and will proceed to hell. We thank the Triune GOD for His work in our salvation that we will be with Him, seeing how magnificent His Glory is in Heaven. GOD bless you, Nancy, and your 3 kids.

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        1. What a grace indeed, Jim! We praise the Triune GOD that He initiated and completed everything in us, for His glory. We look forward to the coming of the SON of MAN to rule us in the Kingdom.

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      1. Yes I’m grateful for all those things you pointed out including what I don’t think about enough, that there’s people who have allowed their photo to be public domain for public use

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