January 12, 2021

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    1. That was taken at the British Museum in the afternoon of June 20, 2015, Jim. A facinating place filled with artifacts all over the world and good for the blog, particularly the OT verses. GOD did not elect/choose Pharaoh but for His divine plan, will, and purpose, GOD made him successful and he had more power. It was not a blessing, it was for an ultimate curse on Pharaoh. With pride, hardened heart, and callousness, Pharoah was brought down, reduced, humbled, and perished. We have lots of lessons on this one but we will continue this with Exodus 9:15-18 tomorrow. Blessings to you, Nancy, and your kids!

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        1. Yes, Jim, twice, all in 2015. I’ve a picture of the Babylonian statue head, had I known, I could have sent it to you. Anyway, I’ll just put pics on the cloud just in case in the future. I’ll send the link.

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    2. I also LOVE this picture!!!! I thought that was fantastic imagery. Pharaoh and his heart really loses its meaning from Hebrew to English. Modern translations do not do the original languages justice in regards to election. Looking forward to seeing y’all this evening and praying for your sight, Jim.

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      1. Thank you Mandylorian! I’m sure you went to there in your travels and vacations in the UK. Yes, the strength and meaning of words get lost from translations as there are words unique to the language and experience of a culture/society. Happy to know that! Good night, Mandy!

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