1. I imagine given the context that asking for three loaves of bread AND at midnight (!!!!) is being rather presumptuous, not to mention audaciously expectant. Yet we’re told to go just this “boldly” before the throne of God. Why are we so hesitant to ask, seek, and knock, knock, KNOCK!? (Love the graphic for this one too, Kent.)

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    1. You are very very right about it Dora! Where does the hesitancy come from when GOD Himself, in His parable, said/gave the marching orders/commanded to seek and knock i.e. seeking the Triune GOD for Heaven. GOD the FATHER by His Grace, has already elected us before creation and has called us. We now must receive/knock/know/believe/seek by faith our Lord GOD and Savior JESUS CHRIST with whom we are justified because of His atoning sacrifice. We seek Him without hesitancy in our sanctified life guided by the HOLY SPIRIT. Yes, if the “friend” won’t open his door and make the knocking with voice stop then it is scandalous or what we call today as “public disturbance” and at times lethal. Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. Hi, Kent and Jimmy! This makes me really ponder, how often am I the friend knocking in need in the middle of the night (whether it is going to God or an actual person)? I am also really pondering how often am I a friend that someone would come and trust me enough to knock in the middle of the night? Not that God needs me/us, but am I available if he were to knock at my door/stir my heart in the middle of the night to pray for someone? Love and blessings!!!!!

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      1. Great insight, Mandy! You made me see the reverse! If GOD knocks hard on our door i.e. intervene in our life or shake it up to the point that we react positively to GOD’s call.My apologies, quite busy with a hometown problem; strategizing, meeting, drafting complaints and presentations. Blessings to you and your family!

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  2. When I read this scripture as well as the friend in need aspect I am reminded of a saying by an old brother in Christ years ago: ” I am just a hungry beggar sharing with another beggar where he found the Bread of Life.”

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    1. That is a great analogy from your friend! We all are spiritual beggars in need of nourishment and in need of a Savior, our Lord GOD JESUS CHRIST. May we address our hunger by praying to GOD to give us our daily spiritual bread until He completes/satisfies our sanctification/hunger. Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. Amen! You are right, “we all walk a straighter, more faithful path when we are grounded in His lessons” and the Bible is filled with it. All GOD’s commands are there. Thank you for your insight!


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