1. Wow providential! I was thinking of doing a Bible study for my series on parenting with a session of what we can learn from kids even as parents and want to use this verse; further validation for me to do this for next month!

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  2. Looks like it is GOD’s divine providence that among the many possible verses to post in the series break that was the one possible for today. Thank you for dropping by, Jim. Yes, a child’s perspective is not jaded and truly believes on something (100%). Accepting the good news, of GOD’s grace in faith and love in our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST, should be like that of a child.

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  3. Thanks, Kent. Child-like faith in Jesus Christ as Savior is so “simple,” yet so profound. What a contrast to the catalogs of rules and rituals of works-righteousness faux-Christian denominations.

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  4. “Let the children come.” There is nothing quite so precious as the faith of a child. I think I like this so much because I am that little child the Father called to His side. Thank you Jesus.

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