May 7, 2020


    1. Glad to know about that, Ene, because Hebrews 12 covers a lot of topics too like the unshaken Kingdom, the assembly of the first born enrolled to heaven, and discipline; and not just the running to win verse. GOD bless you!


      1. Thank you sir, especially the part “surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses” spirit of just men made perfect. Because we are on mount Zion in an innumerable company of angels and spirit of just men made perfect. I love cloud of witness encounters.

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        1. Someday, ma’am Esther, when we will meet JESUS because of GOD’s grace, when CHRIST comes again (Revelation 19:11), it will be, I presumed, not just a festivity in the human senses but also in our hearts. But for now while we are here, let us prepare for His coming by focusing in obedient love and faith in CHRIST alone.


        2. You’re welcome ma’am Esther! You can drop the sir, we are all servants of JESUS CHRIST. Besides, as a Filipino and non-British citizen, I can’t be knighted; kidding aside [two winks on this sentence alone].


    1. True, Mandy, that would be (I presumed) a combination of 1) a feeling of pressure in spite of GOD the FATHER’s grace, 2) awe-uplifting encouragement to endure and rejoice by the HOLY SPIRIT, and 3) cheer with JESUS CHRIST and the saints/first born afterwards. Actually, this particular verse, reminded me of my #1 favorite Christian song by Steve Green that goes like this, “we’re pilgrims on the journey of the narrow road, and those who’ve gone before us line the way. cheering on the faithful, encouraging the weary, their lives a stirring testament to god’s sustaining grace.”

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        1. Absolutely yes, it is GOD the FATHER’s grace alone that we are saved and redeemed through faith in JESUS CHRIST alone as our Lord and Savior. The HOLY SPIRIT convicts, guides, and intercedes for us. Absolutely in GOD’s grace alone.

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    1. An encouraging and assuring verse, Diana to press on in our Christian life by GOD’s grace, in faith and love in JESUS CHRIST and convicted, guided and interceded daily by the HOLY SPIRIT. We also long for the cheer in Heaven that we endured in our “race”.

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