14 thoughts on “May 31, 2020

    1. True, Crissy! So happy for GOD the FATHER’s grace and for JESUS’ atoning sacrifice because doing or following the Law alone, makes me sin more since I’m an imperfect creature, not capable of doing good without the HOLY SPIRIT. Without the Triune GOD’s intervention in our salvation, I’m lost.

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    1. GOD the FATHER’s grace (i.e. the sole source of salvation) is given, to those who are undeserving like us (who sinned on the basis of the Law), all because of the atoning sacrifice of JESUS CHRIST. Now Tamara, with the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT, we live in faith and trust in JESUS CHRIST alone.

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    1. True, Jim! It shows our violations and how underserving we are for GOD’s grace. But we are under GOD’s grace now because we live in faith in JESUS CHRIST alone. GOD’s grace alone by faith alone in Christ alone.

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