September 4, 2020

Romans 3:20

Romans 3:21-23

Romans 3:24-26

Romans 3:10-12

Romans 3:13-18

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    1. Thank you very much, Susan for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I’ll look into how to contact FB, ask them why it is categorized as such, and give the case. You are right, it is crazy and unbelievable and I really don’t know why it is abusive, we will find out soon. Thank you very much and I’ll update you on this. GOD bless you and your family Susan!


    1. I definitely agree with you Jim! We are truly grateful to GOD for His grace that He give to the unworthy us through JESUS’ sacrifice on the cross to cleansed all our sins. We now humbly accept the grace, that only GOD can give, with faith. And for that, we are justified by our faith. No amount of works, charity, kindness etc could pay even a portion of a single sin over tens of thousands of sins we commit in a lifetime. Whoever, we manifest us being saved/redeemed by GOD through loving GOD and neighbor.

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  1. Thanks, Kent. I remember reading Romans for the first time as a Catholic and I was absolutely stunned by how it contradicted the RCC’s works-righteousness salvation system.

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    1. Thanking GOD, Tom that it lead to you and your wife’s enlightenment and salvation. Works, regardless whether the intentions are pure or otherwise, won’t lead to salvation. Among the epistles of Paul, Romans for me is the best since it discusses “stunning” truths. It has mostly “solid food” for the soul and contradicts RCC notions. What a timely thing, as I responded on your comment, the local tv news just tackled the issue related to works-righteousness; I just remembered your recent articles. GOD bless you and your family.

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        1. True, Tom, we are grateful to the Triune GOD for Their work in saving us; bestowing us with His grace and guiding/convicting/interceding for us to walk in faith in Him alone. All through JESUS alone, the only way.

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