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  1. It is interesting how Jesus replaced that long list of commands (around 600) with few principles.
    Low consciousness people need specific rules and need to be told what not to do.
    If you “love God and your neighbor as yourself” and if you “do to others the things you want them to do to you” there is no need for all these rules.
    The Law was just a “tutor” leading to Christ, leading to something more profound than a set of dos and don’ts.

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    1. Ed, you are absolutely right! If we take JESUS CHRIST’s teachings as principles to live by in faith to our Savior rather than see it as mere rules, then we will be conscious not to sin “pa” more. That reminded me of your article on principles and rules, and I will say this again, it is a true reflection on the Filipino society, sadly. To add: that is why GOD the FATHER is gracious that He offered salvation to sinful people. By His grace alone, we repent and live in faith alone in CHRIST alone. And we are guided by the HOLY SPIRIT who intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. GOD bless you and your family pare! [Napansin ko mas mabilis ako maka respond sa iyo ng Ingles.]


        1. Yes, and another very important thing is being willing to accept, as beliefs, what the Bible actually teaches even if it might conflict with what we want.
          Many people believe in an idea of God that is the way they want God to be, a way that suits them.
          I believe that we should suit God’s will and that God’s will is not supposed to accomodate itself to us.
          Filipinos who work in Italy know very well that they are the ones to adjust to the will of their master or employer but when it comes to the Great Master they don’t apply the same criterion

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        2. Ed, I agree with your points! Chances are, they carried what they used to do here and the manner they “worship” GOD. After all, GOD is seen as up there and does not change the salary here in the ground. GOD is the creator and sometimes, the creature thinks he/she can redesign the Creator to accomodate his/her own wants and perspectives, so as to be seen that he/she is in line with GOD’s way. Unfortunately, this is more of bragging rights than actual conviction to GOD’s way. GOD is sovereign and His will for us will matter/happen in the end and not ours. I would like to hear more of the stories.

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  2. Thanks for this reminder of God’s law. This should also make people realize that in later in the 10 commandments God is also concern that people don’t have thievery in their hearts (coveting)

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