August 23, 2020


    1. True, ma’am Bonnie! JESUS does calm the troubling seas of our lives or the storms within us, telling us to trust Him completely as conveyed in these verses. The disciples at that time of horrific moment (they were super scared with probably 190 systolic over 140 diastolic) was in the presence of GOD and with GOD nothing is impossible. Let alone, GOD would not allow the boat He is into to sink. As the song goes, “with CHRIST on my vessel, I can smile at the storm.” GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. A perfect storm at sea would match more, Jim, but I could not find a huge wave with lightnings on it. I presumed this event in the Bible happened on a lake so no huge wave, storm surges or even a tsunami.

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        1. What, you are also online, Jim this late hour in CA! I have not added yet in your comment after jumping from one response and back again. All praises to the Triune GOD for these resources pastor. GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. GOD bless you, Crissy! The verses constantly reminds us that when we are assurred that GOD is with us, we should not be scared of life’s storms that we are currently experiencing and/or ahead of us. These may be a tests of our faith. Regardless of the outcome, we are assurred that in the end of it all, JESUS owns us and we will be with Him.⛵

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        1. Indeed, Crissy, it is an assuring and heart warming song, knowing we can put our trust in GOD. It has been 11 years since creating that video at the height of the lowest state in my life. GOD has a way to use us for His purpose.

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        2. Very long indeed, Crissy. There were reasons behind, a comment that at that time I can’t stand/found it offensive and requirements of a new work in 2009. And now, I don’t have the password. It is a plant left alone. Music Videos = Graphics + Audio. This current ministry is in graphics medium and the final will be an Audioverse, hopefully in the far future.


        3. Crissy, I’m lost for words. Thank you very much for your heart melting encouragement. Thank also for your blessings and based in your article, once a blessing can turn to something bigger in service to GOD. May our Lord GOD also bless you as you spread His Gospel online and face-to-face, person to community. May GOD bless you and find heart warming legacy in His service.


    1. GOD willing! Only Him can give a peaceful assurance to cast all our fears, failures, successes and future to Him. It is a struggle for me but I believe JESUS CHRIST my Savior will give me the peace and faith in Him to let go of my fears.

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