1. True! I agree with you, Crissy! The all-knowing and all-present GOD knows that there are those who want to circumvent the statute and He stressed this set of commands clearly; knowing, many will fall to sin even in this present age. My apologies, I forgot to reply to this yesterday.


    1. You are right Ed! I agree with you! That is GOD’s command not to pervert justice, take innocent life, acquit the wicked, subvert the cause of those who are right, nor take bribes! It is a sin to do so. Yon nga, ang suhol ay nagpapalaki ng tubo ng isang politiko at nagpadagdag ng pera para sa kanyang susunod na eleksyon; ito lahat para sa pansariling interes ng “kristyanong” politiko. Nangyari ito kasi, una, compartmentalized nila buhay, makasalanang sa kabilang dako, at “banal” daw sa ibang parte. May kanta dyan at heto yong linya ng lyrics, “santong kabayo, natatawa ako, hehehehe, sa iyo.” Pangalawa, dahil hindi totoong “convicted Biblical Christian” at ang pagiging kristyano ay isang pahapyaw lang at hindi deeply rooted in faith in JESUS CHRIST alone.

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        1. Thank you, Jim! It is because the three Persons of the Godhead had a distinct vital role in the salvation of human beings. It is a form of praise and acknowledgement that is why, the first three posts were dedicated to the Triune GOD as the main cast. GOD is one.

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