1. True Mandy, we praise GOD indeed, for opening our eyes so we can see the light, embraced by the light’s radiance, and walking with Him who carried us in the light to a place where there is no darkness. GOD bless you and your family!

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  1. This passage makes it very clear the order: forgiveness of sins first (salvation) then sanctification; its the opposite of works-righteousness driven religion where its about your level of “sanctfication” that leads to salvation. Thanks for sharing this verse!

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    1. Thank you too, Jim, for sharing to us the process! I agree with you. GOD bless you and your family! Now, we seque for the benefit of our readers. I’ll recap and here it goes. It starts with GOD’s grace given to us undeserving sinners whom He chooses before He created everything. It is solely GOD’s grace that cleanses all our sins, which is possible through the redemptive work of our GOD and Savior JESUS CHRIST alone, who atoned for all our sins (once and for all). We humbly accept it by faith alone as the truth and live in a life separated from sin (sanctification process). JESUS will complete our sanctification. We will meet Him someday in our glorified body. This, the Triune GOD does for His glory alone. Now, sanctification is never a contest nor driven by good works. We had grace already from GOD that no amount of benevolent works multiplied artificially to quadrillion times could pay a sin let alone a grace that GOD bestows. It is all GOD’s and His glory; never ours. But it is not a license to do bad/be bad since we are assured, no, you check the verse on GOD’s discipline etc. Also, you cannot fight the HOLY SPIRIT in you (if you are elected/truly saved). Sanctification is a preparation for heaven. We can say, it is an OJT. Bottomline is, it is all about GOD and never us nor our glory/pleasure.

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        1. Grateful to the Triune GOD for His written work in our hearts, so we can share His Word; all for His glory alone. At that moment, I could not find a better anology. Somehow, when words pop in mind, I don’t think it is mine. Thanking GOD for giving us answers when we are in mental blackout state. Only GOD in His sovereign will, plan, and purpose can lead. We can only have this available. Looks like I’ve complied with your recent Sunday call-to-action, Jim.

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        2. Actually, it is a good human global plan linked also to national effort, humanitarian and development fields. For its good intention to make the world a better place by 2030, we can pray to GOD because He is sovereign, everything is done because of His will!

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        3. This is a good matter to look into, Jim. This set of goals have also been mirrored/copied/followed/translated into policies and progams in the national, federal/state and even local governments of countries especially the developing ones.

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    1. GOD bless Crissy, you and your family! I will pray for your unsaved family members. Only GOD can opened their eyes according to His sovereign will and plan. But we too must seek for it, knocking the door to our just and merciful GOD. Even on the 11th hour, He will show His glory and compassion. Hope, faith, and trust in the Triune GOD.

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  2. Lagi sinasabi ko sa asawa ko na hindi dapat siyang mag-alala kung walang pambayad ng kuryente dahil taglay namin ang espiritwal na liwanag.
    Seriously, para sa aming mag-asawa malaking liwanag ang Biblya para harapin ang lahat ng mga hamon sa pag-aasawa at, gaya ng ginagawa ninyo, kami rin ay nagsisimula ng bawat araw sa pamamagitan ng isang texto ng Biblya.
    Mayroon kaming brochure na pinamagatang “Pagsusuri sa Kasulatan Araw-araw”

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    1. Napakamabuting modelo po yan, Ed! Kailangan at mahalaga ang espiritwal na liwanag sa ating buhay na tayoy maglakad sa ating panampalataya. Ikinagalak ko na marami na po tayo nagsimula ng araw nagbabasa ng texto ng Biblya. Kung mayroon po kayong link sa brochure, maganda sanang mabasa. Pagpalain sana kayo ng Panginoong Diyos po!

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