1. True, Esther; In a wider context! This subseries is about the other commandments, cherry peaked to show how (very very) salient GOD’s grace is and how we operate/live in a different norm from those OT times, under grace alone and always grateful to the Triune GOD.


        1. All praises and honor to the Triune GOD alone. Right now, Esther, while reading selected verses in Exodus and Leviticus, makes me appreciate GOD the FATHER’s saving grace through the atonement of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. We live a life that is convicted and guided by the HOLY SPIRIT. By the way, I really like you post, “Theology of Technology”. We already dicussed the drop-the-“sir”-as-we-are-all-working-under-CHRIST, so, I’m giving you the freedom if it is your conviction.


        2. Thank you sir. Like whenever I read the old testament and see the “though shalt not eat this, do this, observe that”, I’m always like wow, righteousness and right standing with God was impossible and unattainable but today we have the Holy Spirit helping us both to will and to do – all because of Jesus. That makes me wonder what kind of grace we have received from the Father through Jesus Christ. Thank you sir for reading “theology of technology”. I’m glad you liked it. God be praised

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        3. True, Esther! The HOLY SPIRIT guides not to sin and convicts us when we sinned, all because of JESUS sacrificing once and for all, for all our sins. That is how powerful and all encompassing GOD the FATHER’s grace is. It fascinates me especially when reading Leviticus and noting all the punishments on violations and violators. Also, it fascinates me to see Christians writing on science and technology.


        4. Yes Esther, I agree with you. New techologies can help convey CHRIST’ sacrifice and message. You could imagine if Luther, Calvin, and the rest had a laptop, a translator, and a projector; just a thought.


        5. Uhmmm they would have been an earthquake. They shook the nations by just using quilt pen and paper, imagine if they had a projector and laptop? The world would not have been able to recover for eternity. I mean look at the impact they made on Christianity, till today their impact is still being felt.

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        6. I agree with you, Esther! With what tech was in their disposal, they made an impact. It shows the work/hand of the Triune GOD! Now, we will utilize what is available to us, and let GOD do the rest; nothing is impossible with the Triune GOD.


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