1. The Triune GOD loves us so (seen in the next 2-3 verses), Mandy. He never gives up on us dispite He hates sin, which are found in our thoughts, actions, and words. And you are right, GOD convicts us, shows us our sin so we can humbly ask for His forgiveness and do our best (try no matter how much we fail) to walk according to His way i.e. LOVE GOD AND NEIGHBOR.

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  1. Thanks, Kent. This verse is opposed to works-rightousness, pseudo-(c)hristians who teach that man’s soul is merely “wounded” and that their sacraments provide the graces to hopefully enable them to merit their salvation.

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    1. This description, Tom, reminded me of a small plaster for a huge external wound or an internal wound. Also, it is like an anti-virus cure for a broken PC/Mac motherboard or a broken phone screen. Salvation comes from the Triune GOD only. It is a work only of GOD the FATHER (grace), JESUS CHRIST (atoning sacrifice once and for all), and the HOLY SPIRIT (conviction, guidance and intercession). We only have to receive GOD’s grace by faith; confessing that JESUS is our Lord and Savior, believing that He saves us from the penalty/punishment for all our sins; and asking the HOLY SPIRIT to come into our lives so we can love GOD and our neighbors.

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    1. True, Jim, with two words, it defines it. Left unchecked and GOD not working in us, our hearts operate daily with that description. No wonder, the world we live is so imperfect so say the least. The Triune GOD’s love and action makes us do what is considered godly. The July 10-12 verses says it all.

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        1. That will be a 180 degree turn, Jim! From darkness to light. [From dark pictures to light.] From talk of sins and condemnation to assurance and peace in the heart with GOD’s hand at work.

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    1. True, Beverley, may the Triune GOD help us from ourselves and others with that kind of heart. But in 2 to 3 verses from now, there is a series of verses that shows GOD the FATHER’s actions; and as JESUS pointed out, with GOD, nothing is impossible. GOD works in our hearts.

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