1. True, Mandy, we should praise the Triune GOD for His grace and mercy! We sinned, we asked GOD for forgiveness, He forgivess and disciplines us, we changed ways and live in faith in the Triune GOD, and we end in Heaven, worshiping Him. The unrighteous will go to the place of torment if they don’t seek GOD and repent. The human heart is deceitful (the next verse). But “GOD will make a way” for it “where there seems no way” at all (i.e. found in the next 3 verses).

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    1. You are right, Ed! There are those “kababayan” of ours who drink a lot. Although most seem peaceful in the aftermath but there were stories like domestic violence, shooting, and hacking perpetuated by drunk individuals. GOD has seen the effect of drunkenness to humans especially those who lack control afterwards.

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  1. Also to give you up an update with the persecuted church near your county: The authorities let everyone go except for the four leaders. Those are still being under arrest. We will continue to pray as a church and a family. I pray for the believers’ strength at this time

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    1. You are right, Jim, we pray that they can exercise faith or strengthen their faith in the Triune GOD with less worries on their immediate environment, including safety. We will also pray that GOD will call them to focus and surrender to Him in spite of harrassments. Lastly, we pray for the enforcers that they will see the only GOD in the lives of those whom they persecute, and seek the Triune GOD too in their lives; knowing JESUS and in their small ways, encourage their comrades to follow Him. Nothing is impossible if GOD truly permits and if it is His will. Sometimes, persecutions are ways to add more belivers as what Peter, Paul, Daniel and his 3 friends (among others) have experienced. Blessed are the persecuted (Matthew 5:10-11).

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        1. You’re welcome, Jim! GOD’s hand is shown in our most weakest/darkest times; where we don’t count our own ability and resources but only His grace/”miracles”/help. This reminded me again with 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

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