1. Good evening, Mandy! Clichè may it be but in this verse I can say, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel ends here and tomorrow is a 180 degree turn, all because of the Triune GOD’s “indwelling help.” Finally, I can respond to you earlier. Early to bed, early for tasks and WordPress.

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    1. On our own, Crissy, we really can’t. We can’t do what is expected of us by GOD or consistently follow His way i.e. love GOD and neighbor, as we have many things to consider, our heart is not there, and are not perfect. We need a savior in JESUS. Tomorrow’s verse talks about GOD the FATHER filling us with His SPIRIT and changes our heart. GOD bless, Crissy!

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  1. Thanks, Kent. This verse is encouraging to me. Believers tend to put the apostle Paul on a pedestal, but he acknowledged that he also struggled with his sinful flesh.

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    1. True, Tom, sin is inevitable and no one is infallible; not one. Also, Paul has a dark past with Christians prior to the road to Damascus. So, yes, Paul knows his sins and thank GOD for inspiring Him to write those words/lines. It is powerful, accepting ones inability, and timely for tomorrow’s verse where the omnipresent and unchanging GOD has a action for humans.

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    1. I agree with you, Jim, that scripture and the verses before shows otherwise. Maybe, it is a form of blame for external factors other than oneself or maybe they have a different reality in mind and proud of their works. Or have not checked themselves facing a mirror lately with sins committed in mind.

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        1. Amen, Pastor Jim! Even the vilest of criminals, when they repent to GOD earnestly, believe in JESUS as the CHRIST, Lord, and savior, and change ways by living in faith in the Triune GOD alone, still goes to heaven. So, it is not too late for them to admit that it is the Triune GOD’s work and not out of his/her goodness.

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