1. Yes, you are right, Crissy, the tribulation. It is difinitely a lot worse with all the plagues, disasters, and ultimate war (armageddon). Dispite the changing climate and the possibility of both sea rise and melting of the glaciers, we had a promise from GOD, sealed in a rainbow; thank GOD! Likewise, Crissy, a blessed day!

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    1. True, Oneta, it does broke GOD’s heart that His creation, designed from His likeness, fell far from the tree. But the Triune GOD has a way for that, emanating from Him, He will give us a new heart where He writes the Law (please see the July 10-14 posts). A grace GOD the FATHER bestows through the atoning sacrifice of JESUS and the guidance and intercession of the HOLY SPIRIT.


    1. There are many restaurants that serve Pinoy food, Jim. When you ask for recommendation, I looked for places, Chowking comes in mind where there are branches there. But dishes that originated here, sans adobo, those mentioned are. And there are restaurants there that served those dishes. You lnow what, you can make one. I’ll teach you how.

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        1. I just finished praying for your blog, Jim, and for your pastoral ministry as well. I asked GOD to allow opening of doors to your ministry and opportunities to reach the lost.
          On the dish. Yeah, but this site is dedicated to Bible verses. There are four rules governing this particular site and one of them is no write-up and graphics only. But I can write on the comment section.

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    1. True, JJ! History repeats itself in this case. But evil deeds are always present since that time, it just that information of their deed is easily spread and highlighted because of the main and social media and the internet of things, where in a click of a phone capturing such acts can be transmitted in real time to many times over in different countries. We have to pray that GOD will lead us away from evil.

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        1. Do not let the secular ways of this world confuse you. I go through it too as I head off to work. I talk to GOD as ask for strength. And HE will supply, Then it is like a breath of fresh air! Stay in prayer, and know GOD us bigger! Have a blessed day! We will talk another day! Need to get ready for work. 😀

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