1. Amen! How are you Bettie? GOD’s love for us is immense indeed. Forgiving all our sins alone is actually a huge love for a GOD who hates sins. JESUS’ sacrifice on the cross to bear all our sins is another huge love. We are really blessed, not just having a clean slate but also for having a GOD that accepts/calls us as His own; giving us a clean slate in the process. GOD bless you, Bettie, your husband, kids, and grandkids. I’m still waiting to read and/or watch Book two via Youtube of your joint story. Be strong in GOD my friend! He will take care of you for you to appreciate His daily miracles and praising Him–the GOD who sustains. Be strong!

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      1. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and encouragement! Indeed our Lord has blessed us with everything we need for this life and the life to come! Blessings to you this day.

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    1. True, Bigsky Buckeye, the Book of Psalms is a good resource on GOD-inspired experiences, from all facets of life from jubilation to brokenness to name some. I presumed most songs, both modern and hymns drew lines from the psalms. GOD bless you and your family!


    1. True, Donna, no greater Joy than being forgiven completely by GOD, like tens of million of dollars/euros/pounds/pesos debt that we enjoyed lavishly but being paid by someone else i.e. JESUS CHRIST. It is indeed a greater joy! Thanking and being grateful to the Triune for working in us, cleansing all our past, present, and future sins, and convicting/encouraging us not to sin.

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    1. True, Jim! GOD hates sin. The only way we can have fellowship with Him is He forgives and cleanses us from all sinful things we did, still doing, and will do, through the atoning sacrifice of JESUS in the cross. It is a gift indeed that only the only true Triune GOD can bestow.

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