1. Praise the Triune GOD for revealing this to us, Mandy! Such assurance of GOD’s unconditional and great love for us, giving us salvation, joy, and peace, among others! Truly, if the Creator is with us, we are assurred that He is there here, now or the next glorious life with Him.

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    1. This verse, Jim, reminds us of the song, In CHRIST Alone. Particularly the wrath of GOD the FATHER towards all the sins, which His Son, JESUS (because of CHRIST’s love) was the receipient of that wrath on the cross. We are eternally grateful to the Triune GOD.

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        1. GOD gave you a direction indeed, Jim! It is hard to listen or communicate or even think of the Gospel when bullets, adrenaline, fear, distrust and more is on the air. Playing command and conquer: Generals at that time was stressful for me, how much the actual live rounds. You gave your country a great service and you also gave GOD a great service by evangelizing!

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        2. Thank you for that encouragement. It was the worst of times and it was the best of times…definitely won’t want to be in those situation again now lol. But God has been merciful and gracious.

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        3. True, Jim, for one, the battle ground changes from bullets to alleged Bible contradictions; from battle for the human life to battle for the human soul. War is not a desirable circumstance, how much more the Armageddon.

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        4. Only the Triune GOD can allow these things; we can only do our part of (still, in GOD’s hands) being inspired by Him in writing or editing graphics. I’m praying that GOD will humble me throughout and reminding me of a roller coaster/boom and bust scenario in this limited blog time.

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        5. Yes, Jim, it is a good post, showing the ills of fake news and false information by media, reminding us not to bare false witness. A call to action to discern. Thank you, pastor!

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        6. You’re welcome! Of course the most important thing is keeping the Good News front and center and the focus of our life and ministry. In a world of so much bad news, we need to proclaim the Good News Amen?

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        7. Amen! We have to be the light in this world! That no matter how terrible and unfair the world might be, they should cling to JESUS as Lord and Savior, accepting GOD’s grace by faith alone (in their respective heart, mind, and soul) and follow His way of loving GOD and neighbor; repenting when sinning.

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