1. Thank you for the info, Crissy! It is hard to risk these days without a working vaccine or cure. For, now, online sermons or services is still the best available; fellowship may be online or may come later. Mind you, the only church fellowship I had in years is this WordPress blog.

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        2. I mean we interacted well, Crissy, even online. My church life is like going to church, listening to sermon, pray, give tithes, take monthly communion, sing, and go home; the irony of a big church and an introvert me.

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    1. True, Jim, nothing in all creation could do it. That is how strong the unchanging Triune GOD’s love and grace towards us. No matter our circumstances and inflictions, JESUS is always carrying us.

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    1. Yes, Agehamodoki san, the mask is going to be a regular accessory we will wear for months or years, until a vaccine or cure is available. We hope for that day to come that we don’t wear mask and gloves.


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