September 26, 2020


    1. Amen! This is a wonderful prayer by our GOD and Savior JESUS for His elect, Mandy! JESUS is the sinless and obedient sacrifice for all our sins so that we can be sanctified in Him. Blessings to you and your entire family!

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        1. Sure, Mandy, just let me know when! How are you holding up lately? The Lord GOD is always there with your friend but He has a purpose in everything. Praying still. Good morning when you read this!

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        2. Mandy, be strong in the LORD. Someday, we all will join her if she is saved. The important thing in this moment is that she will accept JESUS as Lord and Savior, confess her sins, and be happy to be with Him. GOD can give a last minute miracle so we will all see His hand.

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    1. Yes, Jim! Both the WORD of GOD (made flesh and dwelt among us) and GOD’s word does sanctify us. JESUS concecrated Himself, a sinless Savior who rescued/redeemed us, to sanctify us. The Bible that points to and accounts His rescue/redemption also guides us to be sanctified in CHRIST JESUS when we apply His teachings. The succeeding verses, GOD willing, gives us a glimpse on a life of sin in contrast to a life of a renewed mind and heart that is being sanctified by the Triune GOD. Blessings to you and your family!

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        1. I heard of the fact that there’s a musical on Hamilton and I didn’t even know it was online thought it was only live on Broadway. Wow Google said it means nothing? What a difference! Is that correct?

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        2. Typical google. Inuman means drinking, so combined with those other words, it translates “no drinking”. The musical is available in Disney+. I like some of the songs. Drinking and Hamilton reminded me of the song, “the Story of Tonight.” “I may not not live to see our glory but I’d gladly join the fight.” Check the musical.

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        3. Wow no drinking is different than Google saying “nothing.” I need to watch it sometime when I’m over with my family to visit my sister in law who has Disney plus and she too likes history

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        4. Google probably thinks you are still refering to anuman even if the “a” has been change to “i”. What one letter can do. The musical has certain liberties with the story for rhyme purposes etc. But still you could get the motive, heroism, human character etc. Wait, I’m going to read your post now.

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    1. Blessings to you, Crissy! This 3rd set of verses in the sanctified in CHRIST JESUS subseries prepares us for the next 11 to 15 sets. JESUS sets us apart from the hedonistic world, sanctifies us for ministry, and with the Bible, we know and apply His teachings in us and for sharing/edifying others.

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    1. True, it is a great word of GOD that shows JESUS’–GOD the SON and the Good Shepherd–love for us in His communication with GOD the FATHER. We are sanctified because of what our Savior and GOD did on the cross and the word of GOD–a testament on our Triune GOD, His promises, and teachings–that we read and apply. Blessings to you, your family, and ministry. Keep on enlightening us readers with Godly wisdom.


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