1. True, Mandy! It is a blessed assurance indeed! It is the Triune GOD’s message to us, through the God-inspired word of Paul, that nothing indeed can separate us from GOD the FATHER’s love THROUGH JESUS. It emphasizes JESUS as the WAY. A blessed Sunday ahead! This set of verses reminded me of the song, “Your Grace Still Amazes Me” by Philips, Craig and Dean.

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  1. That was the kind of faith that Paul had and he endured shipwreck, prison and a lot of other things.
    But this kind of faith is hard to come by. That’s why Jesus said that it’s a narrow gate

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    1. True, Ed! Paul indeed was broken, spilled out, and showed GOD’s grace, love, and glory to be able to utter all these things with his scribe. It is really hard to live in that narrow gate/path in this world that somehow sees it as uncool. But indeed, nothing separates that person from the love of GOD in JESUS; he she will endure.


      1. The narrow gate entails strictly sticking to everything the Bible teaches even if it contradicts what our culture, our society or even our parents taught us and very few people are willing to do this


        1. I agree with you, Ed. It is really a narrow gate. And as you said, a kind of faith; a faith that never wavers. It is good to have a shirt like that, I’m reminded of your post. Even Spoofs Unlimited, the makers of that shirt, has godly reminders inscribed.


        2. GOD the SON would surely overturn “the tables”, judged/condemned, or rebuked those churches who practice contrary to His teachings; there are in this world, mainstream or otherwise. JESUS will denounce and or rebuke those churces who lost focus and faith solely on the Triune GOD and not believing JESUS as GOD, Lord, and Savior, or characteristics like the sample churches in the Book of Revelation.


        3. Like any other humans, there are temptations for the churches and the swaying of the evil is rampant knowing their time is near. If these churches preached the Good News directly from the Bible, according to what GOD truly teaches, then they are not wrong.


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