1. Good evening, Mandy! Psalms covered a lot of subjects/topics. It was the first time I’ve read Psalm 88 in your blog, Mandy, and I like it. It was also the first time I encountered brokeness in the Psalms. I can now add that as one of the top, thanks, Mandy! We included Psalm 103 as a praise part in our daily morning prayer when we were kids and gets the 2 spot. Psalm 23 is number 1 though. Psalm 139 is also one of the 5. And the fifth one goes to any flavor of the month Psalm. How about you? I bet Psalm 88 is one of your favorite Psalms.


    1. Although, this is a series break, Crissy, it is still related if not relevant to the previous verses. Used to memorize this set of verses on an early morning prayer in the early to mid 80s. All praises to the Triune GOD who inspires us. A blessed week ahead, Crissy!

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    1. Praying for you, Allan! Thank GOD you passed your storm recently. GOD indeed is kind and the Psalms talks about it. Psalms of praise and psalms of assurances about GOD lifts the spirit. GOD bless you and your family, holy treasure hunter!

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    1. Magandang umaga sa iyo, Ed! Opo, ito ay likas na katangian ng tao (Romans 3:11) at nangangailangan siya ng Panginoong Diyos para magbago. Maraming taong mahirap nilang purihin at papalain ang Panginoong Diyos na pinagmulan ng kanilang biyaya.

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    1. They say, Donna, once you reached your 40s, not only “life begins” but also physical ailments. The body starts to wear out. But there is more to the physical body that we want to be renewed by His grace and for His service, now that we attained “wisdom of the ages.”

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    1. Taking cue from your ACTS series, Jim! True, may we consciously bless the Lord GOD Almighty. Sometimes it is hard to bless the source of all blessings because of the notion that He is “the” source of all.

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      1. True; it’s paradoxical we bless Him who is the source of blessing; yet I’m amazed we bless with words and heart and His blessings is more than words but actions (salvation, life, creation, providence, etc)

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        1. Probably, GOD wants to see or could be He wants us to see in ourselves if there indeed is a change in us because we bless Him in return out of gratitude. Blessings to you, Lord GOD!

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